Changing car should be a rational decision. But we all know when it comes down to test driving we let our emotions make the final decision. And so it happened to my husband and I a few months ago when we left the car dealer with a beautiful Nissan Qashqai Tekna.

This model of Qashqai is the one with sky roof, leather sits and all sort of electronic bits and bobs – sorry, but you must remember I’m a woman talking about car! My husband can’t get over the fact what really sold the car to me was that the driver’s sun visor had a mirror with built-in light! Anyway, the car is very comfortable and we’re both very pleased with our choice.

One day I’m half way cooking when noticed there was a missing ingredient. My husband quickly offered to drive to the small shop at the bottom of our road to buy it for me. “… and I’m taking Benny with me!”, he said fetching our over-hyped Jack Russell Terrier. “Fine. Just try to be quick!”, was my reply. About 15 minutes had passed when my phone rang.

“Hi, please don’t be mad… Can you come to the shop with the spare car key?”

“Why? What happened?”. I was really concerned something serious had happened.

“I don’t know why I can’t unlock the car…”

I put the phone down and started walking towards the shop thinking it’s probably an electronic malfunction and maybe a car with so many electronic stuff wasn’t a good idea after all. But when I got there I couldn’t help it but laugh to see my husband outside the car looking rather puzzled and the dog jumping from seat to seat as if it was a bouncy castle. What a situation!

What had happened was that my husband left Benny in the car for 2 minutes whilst he went in the shop. Benny, being a Jack Russell, started jumping everywhere and stepped on the button to lock all doors located in between both front seats. So, because the keys where inside the car, my husband couldn’t unlock it for the life of him. Anyway, of course at the end we successfully opened the door and learned never to leave our Jack Russell alone in the car with the keys ever again.