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One afternoon at work, my husband calls me laughing and saying he had written an email to me, but sent it by mistake to a designer he was exchanging emails with earlier that day. So he forwarded the email to me and I saw that the girl replied back to him saying “sorry Rob, I don’t speak Portuguese”. That got me thinking how did she know it’s Portuguese? Usually people think it’s Spanish or, trust me, even Italian. Google translate! Now I’m very curious to see what the translation would be and decided to check it out.

Ok, so here’s the email my husband sent:
“Agora vou ir comer a comidinha gostosa que minha gatinha fez para mim”, which means “I’ll go eat the tasty food my sweetheart made for me”. But Google translated it to “Now I’ll go eat my hot pussy Comidinha made for me“. Wow! How did Google manage to make it sound so pervy?!

The thing is in Brazil the word “gostosa”, which means tasty, is also used for sexy, good looking, hot. And we use “gatinha”, which means kitten, as an affectionate way to call someone love, honey or sweetheart.

I called my husband straight away, obviously laughing my socks off, saying have you tried to Google translate it? He was so shocked! Specially because he barely knew this girl. “Fuck! What do I do? How do I explain it? Should I call and apologise? What if she’s never really used Google translate and I tell her about it? What if she’s shown it to more people? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” were some of the questions he made in the course of a minute. Well, to this day we don’t know the answer to any of them. He decided to simply hope for the best.


I’ve always been a huge animal lover. To the point I would cry if I saw my mum killing a little spider when cleaning the house. I thought the right thing to do was to catch it and release the little spider in the garden.

But growing up in Brazil, where meat is always at the centre of the table as the main dish, becoming a vegetarian certainly wasn’t an easy decision. And to be honest, things were very different when I was a kid. We didn’t hear much about animal cruelty and not so many people were concerned that live stock should have a better life – despite it being a short one. I was okay with meat from the supermarket purely because I didn’t have to associate it with any dead animal.

When I moved to the UK, back in 2004, I started paying more attention to what was going into my mouth. And I felt like a hypocrite! I couldn’t bear the thought of any animal being slaughtered, but I would still sit down at a restaurant and order a large steak. And what kept me from changing to a meat-free lifestyle was the fact I didn’t want to be a pain and make people go through the hassle of cooking something else every time I was having dinner at their places. But that quickly changed after a horrible incident involving my dog and a poor sheep, which I rather not bore you with details.

I know some people out there might not be as sensitive to this kind of events and probably think this isn’t enough to put anyone off meat. But for my husband and I that was the last day we had meat. And we’re felling much better now – both consciously and physically.

I’m not here promoting vegetarianism! But that decisions in life should always be made according to what makes you happy, and not based on what other people will think of you. That tragic morning made me see things this way and it’s just so much easier. I wish I had changed my thoughts a long time ago…

Changing car should be a rational decision. But we all know when it comes down to test driving we let our emotions make the final decision. And so it happened to my husband and I a few months ago when we left the car dealer with a beautiful Nissan Qashqai Tekna.

This model of Qashqai is the one with sky roof, leather sits and all sort of electronic bits and bobs – sorry, but you must remember I’m a woman talking about car! My husband can’t get over the fact what really sold the car to me was that the driver’s sun visor had a mirror with built-in light! Anyway, the car is very comfortable and we’re both very pleased with our choice.

One day I’m half way cooking when noticed there was a missing ingredient. My husband quickly offered to drive to the small shop at the bottom of our road to buy it for me. “… and I’m taking Benny with me!”, he said fetching our over-hyped Jack Russell Terrier. “Fine. Just try to be quick!”, was my reply. About 15 minutes had passed when my phone rang.

“Hi, please don’t be mad… Can you come to the shop with the spare car key?”

“Why? What happened?”. I was really concerned something serious had happened.

“I don’t know why I can’t unlock the car…”

I put the phone down and started walking towards the shop thinking it’s probably an electronic malfunction and maybe a car with so many electronic stuff wasn’t a good idea after all. But when I got there I couldn’t help it but laugh to see my husband outside the car looking rather puzzled and the dog jumping from seat to seat as if it was a bouncy castle. What a situation!

What had happened was that my husband left Benny in the car for 2 minutes whilst he went in the shop. Benny, being a Jack Russell, started jumping everywhere and stepped on the button to lock all doors located in between both front seats. So, because the keys where inside the car, my husband couldn’t unlock it for the life of him. Anyway, of course at the end we successfully opened the door and learned never to leave our Jack Russell alone in the car with the keys ever again.