Apparently 26,000 cattle in England had to be slaughtered last year after contracting bovine TB. And it’s all because of the damn badgers! Sorry, but I’m pretty sure these 26,000 cows were going to die anyway. The only difference is that the farmers obviously never made any money out of them. So what’s the solution? Well, let’s shoot 100,000 badgers! You’d think only a thug or a knuckle dragger could come up with such idea. But that is what it’s been proposed by the government and most likely to happen. It’s a culling process…, one could say. Well, it sure sounds more like if animals will have to be slaughtered, it better be the ones that will cost us less.

Is this really the best approach and the only alternative? The Welsh government, for instance, opted for a vaccination system. So what’s all this cruelty, sorry “culling” for?

Also, watch Brian May pleads to vaccinate cattle, rather than shoot badgers.