Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be writing about, but I’ve thought how nice it would be to start a project and report all the great and bad moments of an entire year, and I felt compelled to finally start this blog. It’s my first blog I’ll probably have to extend my project to more than a year.

I came to the United Kingdom in 2004 and the initial plan was to stay for six months before heading to Canada. Well… this day never came and my husband and I are still here in the UK. The beginning was extremely hard, I have to say. My first winter here felt endless and I discovered what it’s like to have a real depression. Things are better now, and every year, when winter starts, the temperature drops and the days all of the sudden are way shorter, I try to remind myself things would’ve been so much worst if I had gone to Canada. Can I consider myself lucky?

Prior to moving from Brazil, I studied advertising in Brasília. During that time I learned all the basic stuff I needed to start working with graphic design in London. One of the things I really enjoy about working and living in London is that my mind opened up in a way it would never had done in Brazil. Hard to point why, though.

Apart from work, I live in Harrow, north of London, with my husband Robert and our Jack Russell Terrier, Benny. Trust me, you’ll hear a lot about this cheeky dog! I enjoy drawing and playing the guitar.